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Legacy Content Types and Actions CMS Users Should Take

We have collated a list of Content Types within the CMS that we will no longer support. It is important that our users are aware of them and no longer use them to create new content.

The Web Support Team (WST) have established a dedicated web page for Legacy Content Types.  The purpose of the information provided in that area, is to make all CMS Users aware of the Content Types that have a status of unsupported.

What does a status of unsupported mean?

As part of our Website Accessibility Project, we reviewed the range of Content Types that our users could utilise to create content and build sections of their websites across the CMS.  An outcome of that exercise meant that we had identified a number of Content Types that should no longer be supported by the WST or used by those creating content in the CMS.  Therefore we have provided them in a list of Unsupported Legacy Content Types.

What should we do next?

In short, if you are currently using any of the Legacy Content Types in the table provided, follow the guidance and use the 'Suggested Replacement.'  It is imperative that you no longer duplicate and re-use these old Content Types, as we will be undertaking an exercise later this year to remove them from the CMS.  Further information is available under the 'What Actions Should I Take?' section of the Legacy Content Types web page.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please get in touch with us via the IT Helpdesk.