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Accessibility FAQs

  • What is an iFrame/Embedded Content?

    An iFrame is a frame or container within your web page which allows you to include/embed a piece of content from another source.  Typically on Queen's webpages, these other sources are Mediasite videos, Youtube videos and MS Forms.

    The snippet of code that is embedded just needs a title to make it meaningful for screenreaders and other assistive technologies. You, as the content editor, are responsible for adding this title to the embed code.

    Currently, there are three content types that you should use to embed content.  Each of these allow you to edit the code to insert a title:

    • DTP - Video Embed (for Videos)
    • Video - Video with Text (for Videos)
    • DTP - Code Only (for Forms)

    View our video on how to edit iFrame code


  • I entered the title code for an iFrame and saved the content but it has disappeared. Why?

    The only 3 content types that remember (save) the title code you insert are:

    • DTP - Video Embed (for Videos)
    • Video - Video with Text (for Videos)
    • DTP - Code Only (for Forms)

    Any other content types on your website that have existing embedded code will not save any additional code you enter. For example, if you have embedded a video from Mediasite or Youtube into a 'DTP-General Content' layout, when you click Save Changes, the code is stripped out of the HTML and is not saved. Only certain content types are built to retain any additional code that is inserted. This is why your iFrame title has disappeared.

    To solve this, you will need create a new block of content on the web page using one of the three content types listed above, embed the relevant code, add a title and then preview, save and approve the content.  You will also need to remove the existing embedded code from the other content type. 

    View our video on how to edit iFrame code


  • Will the Siteimprove Plugin (Chrome) work for a site which hasn't been published yet?

    Yes, it will work for any webpage you preview from within the CMS.  The webpage/site does not have to be published for the Siteimprove plugin to check it for any accessibility errors.

    Make sure you have selected the following filters in the plugin:

    • Choose conformance level: A AA AA conformance (not AAA conformance)
    • Choose severity: Error (not Warning or Review)
    • Choose responsibility: Editor (not Webmaster or Developer)
  • My Siteimprove report is showing some errors, but these are in the header and footer of my site. Can I ignore these because they will be fixed centrally?
  • Under 'Accessibility-Tested PDFs' I have an error that shows 'the document has no title.' How do I fix this?

    To update a PDF document, you have 4 options:

    1. Instead of having a PDF, turn it into an accessible webpage.  This is the preferred option to meet accessibility regulations.
    2. If the PDF is plain text (no images) you can edit it by opening the PDF via Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word has a built-in accessibility checker that can be used to check documents. Once you have run the Accessibility checker and have made the required updates in Word, you can re-save it as a PDF.
    3. If you have the original word document that created the PDF in the first place, then you can open this in Word, run the Accessibility checker and make the required updates. You can then re-save it as a PDF.
    4. Failing the above 3 methods, you can pay for Acrobat Pro which will allow you to edit the PDF without having to use Word.

    Please note if the PDFs were published before 23 Sept 2018, they are exempt from latest accessibility regulations, as long as they are not providing a service to the user, such as a form. Learn more about this exemption on our Document Accessibility guidance page