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IT Accessibility

All the computers in the Student Computing Areas (SCAs) have access to some Assistive Technology

  • Software Tools

    Reading and Writing Tools:

    Zoom Text 

    ZoomText allows users with a visual impairment to access a PC through screen magnification and voice synthesizer feedback.  ZoomText reads documents, web pages and email, which the user is able to listen to using headphones or the computer's speakers.


    Mindview is a visual learning tool widely used for building mind maps.  Mind maps are diagrams used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged around a key word or idea.  They can be used as an aid in study, organisation, problem solving, decision making and writing.

    Read & Write Gold

    Read & Write Gold is a literacy support tool designed to assist users when reading or comparing text.  Functions include text-to-speech, phonetic spell checker, word prediction, speaking dictionary and a scanning facility.

    These applications can be accessed by double-clicking the Accessibility shortcut on the Desktop.

  • Other Equipment

    The McClay Library also has the following equipment for students:

    Zoom-Ex Scanner 

    Zoom-ex scanner is available to borrow from the Borrower Services Desk.  This lightweight, portable scanner turns the computer it is used with into a scanner, reader and magnifier for blind or visually impaired students.

    CCTV Magnifier

    A desktop CCTV magnifier is located on Floor 2 of The McClay Library.

    Adjustable Table

    Adjustable tables are available on each floor of The McClay Library.


For further information regarding Assistive Technology, visit the Disability Services website or A Guide to Assistive Technology

For additional support on using standard library services visit Library Additional Support