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Filming, Recording and Photography in the Library

Special Collections & Archives has 3 rooms available for filming and photography at The McClay Library: The Special Collections & Archives Reading Room, The Cardinal Cahal Daly Seminar Room, The CS Lewis Room.

The application process for filming or photography in the Library is detailed below. For news or unusual filming requests please contact the Library Office directly

All bookings are subject to compliance with Terms and Conditions.

  • Charges
    1. Special Collections & Archives, McClay Library charges a site location fee of £300.00 + VAT at 20% for up to three hours only (morning or afternoon), with a charge for running over time (per hour or part thereof) £50.00 + VAT at 20%; in excess of 4 hours incurs a daily rate (09.00-17.00) of £600.00 + VAT at 20% This fee addresses:
      • the reproduction rights set out in (2) below (including preparation and licence of 4 x high resolution still shots, rates for additional stills to be agreed) 
      • additional staff costs
      • support from Special Collections &Archives, The McClay
    2. Reproduction rights included within Location Fee include: 1 broadcast or retail medium; 2 transmissions; 10 days catch-up service; 2 years and single country. Reproduction rights required above and beyond these rights should be outlined in the detailed enquiry form and are subject to additional fees to be negotiated with the Library. Please speak with Special Collections & Archives about this for further information. 

      Please note that items to be filmed may require rights clearance, this is not the responsibility of Queen’s University Library staff. 

    3. The rate for filming will apply from the time you arrive at The McClay Library to the time you leave the premises. Only in exceptional circumstances will we negotiate an hourly rate different to the standard rate. 
    4. Cancellation less than 48 hours before filming is due to commence will be liable for an administration fee of 50% of the total fee agreed. 
    5. Filming can only take place in The McClay Library during hours agreed in advance, and not before 09.00 or after 17.00; rooms are subject to availability. 


  • Application Process
    • Requests for filming must be made in writing by completing the Permission to Film Form

    • Requests must be made at least 5 working days before you wish to film. This allows Library staff time to check the condition and availability of rooms, the collection item(s), curator(s) and ensure they will be available on the day.
    • The following information is requested in the Permission to Film Form:
      • Reason for requesting access to film in The McClay Library, as a location, an interview setting, its collections, etc.
      • A list of the Special Collection & Archives staff you wish to interview, and/or the external experts or presenters you wish to bring to the Library
      • A list of the Special Collections & Archives Library locations where you wish to film
      • The total number of people in your film crew (including presenters and interviewees)
      • The filming date(s) you propose. (Please also provide alternative dates, as your chosen date may not be available)
      • Anticipated arrival and filming times, including set up and wrap time
      • Title and location references of collection items you wish to film*

    Please note: We do not provide free research support. It is your responsibility to research and provide location references for the collection items you require. Special Collections & Archives staff will be pleased to discuss collection materials in advance. 

    *Location references for books and journals can be found in the Library Catalogue which can be accessed online at:  

    Manuscript listings are available online:  

    Collections A-Z provides links to collection across all formats: 

  • Administrative Process

    1. Once we have approved your Permission to Film Form please send the following paperwork to

    • An Application to Undertake Work will be required for any project which involves potentially hazardous lighting, construction, or other high risk production elements
    • A risk assessment (specific to location)
    • A copy of your insurance policies providing evidence of Employers Liability insurance £10m in aggregate and Public and Products Liability insurance £5m each occurrence
    • A list of equipment that you will be bringing onto the premises, including all lighting and particularly any electrical equipment that needs to be plugged into the power supply. This equipment should be PAT tested and certified safe to use 
    • A list of all crew members (including presenters and interviewees) attending the shoot so that we can issue Library Passes. Crew members not listed cannot be issued with a pass on the day, and will not be allowed on site. You must advise the Special Collections & Archives of any last minute changes as soon as possible
    • A list of vehicles (registration number, make, type, colour) which require entry into the University grounds, for parking and security clearance. Crews must vacate the premises before 21.00 for evening shoots. Parking Permits must be requested in advance and cannot be guaranteed, parking is subject to availability.   

    2. Additional information may be requested, depending on the nature of the shoot. If it is required, it will be brought to your attention at an early stage of your application.

    3. When this paperwork has been received we will issue a Site Location Agreement.