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Computing in the Library

Library members can log on to PC workstations in most Queen's Libraries (McClay, Medical and AFBI) using their username and password. 

Access to Library online resources while in the Library:

QUB students and staff: QUB Online Resources

HSC Members: HSC Online Resources and some QUB online Resources

AFBI Members: AFBI Online Resources and some QUB online Resources 

Associate and SCONUL members: Some QUB online resources


Docking Stations: 

These are available for use with your own device. They are located in Silent Reading Room A on the Ground Floor and at the desks overlooking the atrium on Floors 2 and 3 of the McClay Library. 

  • Spread your work and apps across 2 screens.
  • Less time switching between Windows and apps.
  • Easier comparison of documents, sites, etc.
  • Have a mouse and keyboard and charge your own device.
  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS devices with full-function USB-C ports.

To get started:

  • Make sure the monitor is plugged in at the socket on the desk.
  • Make sure the power button on the monitor (located at the back right of the screen) is switched on.
  • Insert the USB-C cable into your laptop and extend/mirror your desktop across two screens in High Definition.
  • Extend/mirrow your desktop across two screens:
    • In Windows: ⊞ + P
    • On Mac: Apple Button  > Settings > Displays
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