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Understanding Graduate Schemes

There isn’t a strict definition, but graduate schemes tend to be defined by the following criteria:

  • Operated by large organisations which are often household names e.g. Civil Service, NHS, PwC, GSK, BT
  • Fixed term – usually 18 months – 2 years. Most people are offered permanent jobs with the organisation at the end of the fixed term.
  • These are real jobs with some additional study/support elements.  Many operate a rotational system so that graduates spend some time working in different departments.
  • Well paid – they usually have better pay and benefits than other graduate options.
  • Competitive – when you read in the media c.80 people applying for every graduate job, it’s generally graduate schemes they are talking about.
  • Some organisations set entry requirements of 2.1 or above and some set UCAS requirements. There is also usually a long recruitment process.
  • Timeline – most (but not all) are open for applications in autumn and many (but not all) close by December.
  • Graduate schemes are not the only route to a graduate job! Most graduates find graduate level work outside of graduate schemes.

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General sources of graduate jobs in Maths & Physics

Accountancy, Banking, Finance, Management Consultancy and Technology Consultancy

Accounting, Management and Technology Consultancy
Some international companies hiring graduates of any degree discipline to work in a range of areas including Accounting, business consultancy and technology consultancy:

Data Science & Statistics

Software Engineering & Technology

Scientific equipment manufacturers

Government and Defence

Medical Science