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Where can your degree take you?

From summer work to work shadowing and jobs on campus, all experience counts.

The skills and attributes you are building up on your course are valued by graduate employers across a large and diverse range of sectors.

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Click on your Faculty link below to find jobs and career options suited to your subject area.

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Explore Careers for AHSS
Explore Careers for Art, Humanities and Social Sciences
Explore Careers for AHSS
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Explore Careers for MHLS
Explore Careers for Medicine, Health & Life Sciences
Explore Careers for MHLS
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Explore Careers for EPS
Explore Careers for Engineering and Physical Sciences
Explore Careers for EPS

Explore Jobs by Sector

You are not limited to working in jobs directly related to your degree subject.

There are graduate opportunities in a range of industries, and many are open to students of any degree.

Discover how you can apply your interests to a fulfilling career in one of NI's leading sectors.

Careers Programmes Across all Sectors

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