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Gain Experience for your CV

Gain Valuable Real-World Experience

From summer work to work shadowing and jobs on campus, all experience counts.

Here is where, how and why you can start building up your CV with experience today.

What skills are recruiters looking for?

Our expert employers share what skills really stand out to them when they meet students.

Find out the different ways you can gain CV experience below.

Gain Valuable Real-World Experience

Whether you are looking for a funded summer internship, a short-term Micro Internship, or work overseas, you can use MyFuture to search and find work experience opportunities.

These experiences will help you build your employability skills and boost your confidence.

They can also help put what you’ve learned on your course into practice, enhancing your CV and graduate prospects.

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Funded Summer Internships

Attention students!

Are you looking for an incredible opportunity to gain valuable experience and boost your future employability skills?

Look no further than Queen's University Belfast's Summer Internships.

Whether you're interested in working with small to medium enterprises (SMEs), charities, or the public and third sector, these internships offer an amazing opportunity for you. By interning in these sectors, you can make a significant impact, have your contributions highly valued, and enjoy a more varied and tailored experience.

Internships are one of two durations:

  • Micro-internships - Micro internships involve approximately 100 hours and you will receive a £1,100 bursary upon completion, funded by Santander Universities.
  • 8 weeks – slightly longer full-time experience, where you can earn approximately £3,000 (gross salary). 


Key Dates

Typically, our Summer Internships commence after the academic year comes to an end during the months of May and June. 

However, each Internship is different and specific dates will be set by the host employer. 

Internships are advertised on the jobs section of MyFuture from 12 February 2024 - search for summer internships in MyFuture using the prefix QUBINTERN.



Discover funded summer internship opportunities

Through our internships widget on the right of the page you’ll be able to browse and discover opportunities in our careers management tool MyFuture.

Search internships on MyFuture using the prefix QUBINTERN

Work Shadowing

Not sure which career path is right for you?

Our Employer Engagement team have strong links with top companies in NI and further afield who are keen to recruit our students and there is a lot of support available to help you find a suitable opportunity.

Work shadowing is a great way to try a career on for size to see if it fits.

Shadowing a professional can help bring a job to life – you may decide it’s the career for you, or you may be inspired down another route. Either way, it’ll help you define your career plan and narrow your options for you.

The next Work Shadowing Week will take place in Semester 2 on 25-28 March 2024!

Find out more about Work Shadowing Week

Discover a different culture

Keen to travel and experience a new culture whilst you study?

Our Global Opportunities Team offer work and study abroad opportunities in other countries, including the chance to spend up to a year at an overseas university.

Some courses offer periods of study and work abroad as part of your degree.

All Queen's students have access to a range of life-changing travel opportunities suited to every study level and discipline.

You can go abroad for the summer, for a semester or for a whole year.

Find out more about Global Opportunities

Stand out from the crowd with a Future-Ready Award

We want to help you shine in the increasingly competitive graduate job market.

Employers are looking for more than just a degree: they want to see proof that you have built up valuable work-related skills during your time at Queen’s.

Completing our Future-Ready Award, is the perfect way to really demonstrate your skills to future employers.

Our top employers tell us why initiatives like the Future-Ready Award help students stand out from the crowd.

Find out about the Future-Ready Award