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Sources of Funding

Sources of Funding

Undertaking a Global Opportunity can be a fantastic and life changing experience. However, we are aware that the cost can be a barrier for a lot of students.

Some programmes provide funding but if you are not eligible you should consider the sources of funding below: 

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The Turing Scheme

The UK government has introduced the Turing Scheme, a new national funding scheme to support international study and work placements.

Funding is limited and is awarded to UK universities on an annual basis, following a competitive application process.

Universities are normally notified of the outcome of their application in late summer. 


The UK left the European Union on 31 January 2020 and the transition period ended on 31 December 2020.

As a result, its participation in the Erasmus programme ended on 31 May 2023. However, Queen’s has signed new Student Exchange Agreements with most of its existing Erasmus partner universities, so there are still many options to undertake a study exchange programme in a European country or beyond.

If you are going on an exchange programme in Europe in 2023-24, you may find that your host university still refers to you as an Erasmus student!

Please be aware, however, that Erasmus funding is no longer available to students at UK universities.

Faculty/School Specific Funding

For example, the Faculty of AHSS provide funding for international opportunities which meet their criteria.

Find more information here.

Why not contact your School office to check if there is any funding available for your global programme?

Contact your School office

Queen's University Scholarships and Awards

There are hundreds of awards and scholarships available at Queen's.

Check out the Scholarship Finder for current opportunities.

More tips for managing your money

You might need to save up to travel.

You can find part-time and summer jobs listed in our Careers Management Tool MyFuture.