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Advertising policy for employers

Careers, Employability and Skills (CES) aims to promote employers and their opportunities with a high level of efficiency and accuracy mainly but not exclusively through MyFuture, whilst working in the best interests of current students of the University.

For the purposes of this policy ‘Advertisements’ are defined as postings of job and placement vacancies, requests for targeted emails and job alerts.

MyFuture is our state of the art online vacancy system which also acts as our mechanism to notify employers about and accept registrations for the majority of our careers fairs.

To register and upload your vacancies in MyFuture go to the Employer area of our Careers website to find out more. 

Our Employer Engagement Team can provide advice on targeting the right students, advertising graduate vacancies and help with raising your profile at Queen’s University.

Requirements for Employers Advertising on MyFuture through Vacancy Posting, Targeted Emails

  • Job and placement vacancy posting

    (a) CES provides a free online vacancy service through MyFuture to assist employers in presenting their opportunities to our students and recent graduates.

    (b) Employers must register with MyFuture in order to post job and placement vacancies.

    (c) Postings will be subject to a review by CES before approval and appropriate detail on the vacancies must be provided during the online posting process.

  • Targeted emails

    (a) In addition to the free vacancy service, CES will administrate a central booking system for employer targeted emails.

    (b) Costs, conditions and restrictions apply to these services, please see our Employer Gateway website for details c. Employers must have a profile and live vacancies on MyFuture in order to book targeted emails.

    (c) Employers must complete and submit a booking form to to request a targeted email. The booking form is available in the MyFuture section of our Employer Gateway website.

    (d) Bookings are only confirmed when a completed booking form has been received by CES and email confirmation provided by CES. 

  • Compliance

    All advertisements submitted to Careers, Employability and Skills must comply with all the relevant legislation.

    Any advertisements deemed by Queen’s to be discriminatory will either be amended or removed from MyFuture.

  • Editing of advertisements

    Careers, Employability and Skills reserves the right to edit advertisements for the purposes of brevity and clarity.

  • Removing advertisements

    Careers, Employability and Skills has no obligation to promote organisations and opportunities and reserves the right to decline or remove advertisements which it reasonably believes not to be in the best interests of either students, graduates or the University.

    In particular, this will usually include advertisements which:

    (a) Promote or endorse illegal activity

    (b) Require an unreasonable financial outlay by the applicant

    (c) Are connected with a 'pyramid', ‘network’ or similar style selling scheme

    (d) Involve writing academic course-related materials which may be used by other students

    (e) Are from recruitment agencies or third party recruiters and do not include clear details of who the end employer will be or which may be used for the purpose of gathering applications/CV’s or candidate banks for multiple employers. Recruitment agencies or third party recruiters must also provide contact details for the commissioning person in the end employer company for the purposes of verification that they have been expressly engaged to recruit our students and graduates for the stated roles.

    (f) Are submitted by generic email accounts such as Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo etc.

    (g) Require the taking of medication or other forms of treatment, such as participating in drugs trials

    (h) Are salaried positions which do not pay an hourly rate that meets the national minimum wage

    (i) Are unpaid positions lasting more than one month, excluding those from registered charities and voluntary organisations and those that constitute part of a sandwich course.

    (j) May directly or indirectly discriminate against candidates on the basis of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, disability, sex, any gender reassignment sexual orientation or age. In general, requests for photos of applicants at the time of application are not permitted. Examples of wording to avoid in adverts includes: recent (graduate or experience), mature, energetic, young, dynamic, youthful, single, bubbly, strong, delicate, mobile, seasoned, native speaker/mother tongue. Advertisers must also justify any requirement for applicants to hold a driving licence. Further guidance can be found via the ACAS website or helpline 0300 123 1100. To avoid any misunderstanding, Queen’s University does not accept any liability whatsoever which may arise out of the content of any job advert.


  • Declining advertisements

    Careers, Employability and Skills reserves the right to:

    Decline to advertise vacancies or send targeted emails which:

    (a) Pay on a commission-only basis

    (b) Are from private individuals 

  • Right to work checks

    Careers, Employability and Skills is not responsible for checking or verifying that individual applicants resulting from advertisements through our services are legally entitled to work in the United Kingdom and does not accept any liability whatsoever in this regard.

    It is the sole responsibility of the individual employer to carry out all necessary checks to ensure that an individual is legally entitled to work in the United
    Kingdom. In general:

    (a) Non-EEA nationals are generally entitled to work up to 20 hours per week during term-time and full-time during vacations, whilst studying in the UK.

    For more information see

    (b) Non-EEA nationals, for information on working entitlement after completing their studies please see or 


  • Contact details

    The contact details submitted by employers will be kept confidential by Careers, Employability and Skills but may be used by the University for other purposes such as partner initiatives.

    Contacts also have the option on MyFuture to make their contact details viewable to students.

  • Recommendations

    Careers, Employability and Skills does not recommend individual students and graduates apply to a particular employer or for individual jobs advertised nor does it provide employers with details of students and graduates who may be suitable for particular posts.

  • Applicant performance

    Careers, Employability and Skills does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for the performance and/or behaviour of students and graduates either during the application process or as employees or workers of an organisation.

  • Employer’s liability

    Employing organisations are solely responsible for ensuring that they comply with all applicable employment, data protection and health and safety legislation in the course of employing students and graduates.

    They are also solely responsible for ensuring that they have appropriate employer's liability insurance in place at all times.

    Careers, Employability and Skills may require evidence to ensure that appropriate employer's liability insurance is in place.

  • Contracts of employment

    Careers, Employability and Skills does not enter into negotiations about contracts of employment between an employer and prospective employee.

    Contracts of employment are a matter to be agreed between the employer and the student/graduate.

  • Liability

    Queen’s University Belfast will bear no liability for any loss, damage or delay arising from the delivery of services to promote an employer or their opportunities.

  • Home Working policy

    For vacancies that require students to work in the students’ own home, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that they have a Home Working policy that adheres to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

    For further guidance, employers can refer to the Health and Safety Executive website and download guidance for
    Home Working at

  • Changes to this policy

    Queen’s University reserves the right to amend, replace or revoke this policy from time to
    time without giving prior notice.