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Belfast Area Working Group introduction

Members of the Centre for GIS and Geomatics (based in the School of Natural Built Environment) have been working with Belfast City Council to investigate the use of spatial data to support informed policy and operational decisions. As a part of this initiative, a joint Belfast City Council - Queen’s University Geospatial Working Group has been formed which has engaged with key data providers. The key focus has been on (i) undertaking a series of case studies ('Insight Pieces') and (ii) producing a web-based geoportal to enable access to a wide array of spatial data sources by Council staff and ultimately residents and other users.

 To date five Insight Pieces have been developed to provide proof of concept;  These are:

 (i) Drugs and Alcohol;

 (ii) Excess Winter Deaths;

 (iii) Employability;

 (iv) Inclusive Growth; and

 (v) Leisure facilities and deprivation


For more information, or for suggestions on additions to the outputs, please email the QUB team lead, Chris Lloyd ( The BCC lead is Gareth Downey (

 Provisional content

 Inclusive growth measures drawn from the 2017 Multiple Deprivation Measure (MDM) can be viewed here.