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Data and outputs

Data and outputs

The Inequalities SA project has made use of a range of datasets. 

Consistent wards for all of SA for 2001 and 2011 were provided by StatsSA. The data are available in Excel format here. Data in csv format are here and associated metadata are here.

Project data, including the 2011 ward boundaries, can be accessed via the UK Data Service

Municipality deprivation change profiles

Using the consistent ward data for 2001 and 2011 deprivation change profiles have been produced for all muncipalities in South Africa. The profiles are available here.

If you have any comments on the profiles, or suggestions as to how they could be changed, then please drop a line to Chris Lloyd. We would particularly appreciate comments on how the information has been used (for example, in guiding allocation of resources). This would be extremely useful in making a case for funding to support future profiles. 


The project has resulted in a wide array of publications presenting aspects of the research. The research programme has entailed a collaboration between Queen's University Belfast and Southern African Social Policy Research Insights (SASPRI). Project outputs produced by the SASPRI team are detailed here

The creation of pouplation grids for Cape Town are detailed in an open access academic article:

Lloyd, C. D., Bhatti, S., McLennan, D., Noble, M., & Mans, G. (2021). Neighbourhood change and spatial inequalities in Cape Town. The Geographical Journal.