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The A-Z of publishers of language resources

Brilliant Publications

Effective methodology books and readers for language learning from key Stage 1 to GCSE.

Colourpoint Educational

Wide range of books for all aspects of learning about Ireland and Irish.

Eli Readers

Lots of supplementary materials, class magazines, language courses and complementary publications for all levels of language learning. Languages include English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Español Lengua Extranjera

Coursebooks and supplementary textbooks on all aspects of Spanish language and culture.

European Schoolbooks

The newest and most recommended language resources for Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and more.

Hodder Education

Latest materials adapted for 2016 revised Edexcel A-level Language examinations.

Languages Direct

Wide range of materials for language learning with big focus on adult language learning.

Little Linguist

Wide range of readers, coursebooks and resources for young language learners.

Multilingual Matters

Variety of texts on linguistics, methodology, language acquisition and more.

Oxford Unity Press

Textbooks and dictionaries for language learning and resources on linguistics.


Range of coursebooks and interactive services for learning Arabic, Chinese, German, French and Spanish for schools and FE colleges.

Trinity College

Links to publications for teaching English to speakers of other languages.

ZigZag Education

Range of ready-made resources for specific aspects of examinations in French, German and Spanish. Available to purchase.

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