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Resources from NICILT events and a variety of websites.

Browse and download our resources tailored for the teaching of Spanish. We have also gathered some links to some of the best online resources for Spanish. Please note NICILT is not responsible for materials you may find on these sites.For queries relating to CCEA Spanish Past Papers, please email us on

NICILT Spanish Resources

Many thanks to our collaborators for the following resources which have been tailor-made for NICILT:-


Mr Chris Jardin (Undergraduate at Edinburgh University) - Translation Booklets for Key Stage 3 Booklet 1  Booklet 2

Gabriel Espinosa (QUB) - La Lengua de las Mariposas  Introduction (Powerpoint)  Workshop

Tara Plunkett (UCD) - Lorca's La Casa de Bernarda Alba  Powerpoint

Adolfo Carbón (Spanish Embassy Education Office) - Programas & Servicios de la Consejería de Educación 2017

Dr Diana Battaglia (QUB) - Materiales auténticos y competencia sociocultural en la clase de ELE

Dr. Stanley Black (UU) - Solas   Powerpoint    Biography & Summary    Worksheet   El bola/ La lengua de las mariposas Slideshow (Link to Slideshare)

Ximena Arias-Mc Laughlin (OU) - 20 poemas... Slideshow (Link to Slideshare) Game    Como agua para Chocolate  Handout   Powerpoint   Quiz   Post-film Workshop

Ximena Arias-Mc Laughlin (OU) - Un Franco, 14 Pesetas  Introduction (Link to Prezi) Glossary   Quiz   Workshop

Spanish Embassy Education Office - Solas  Workshop   Answers   Overview   Powerpoint

Adolfo Carbón (Spanish Embassy Education Office) - Galicia: A personal perspective   Powerpoint   Notes

Kenia Puig (Post Primary Languages Initiative) - Scaffolding for Writing  Powerpoint   Graphic Organisers   Correction Guide

Dr. Roberta Quance (QUB) - Solas  Themes-Talk   Powerpoint

Dr. Yolanda Reyes (QUB) - El Bola  Powerpoint   Vocab list   Activity booklet


Links to online resources

Revised CCEA A-level

(AS TEXT) Laura Esquivel- Como agua para chocolate

Uruguayeduca (Presentation in Spanish on context, themes, characters, structures and more)

Junta de Andalucía (Overview in Spanish of author, themes, quotations and more)

Todoele (Worksheets & teacher materials)

Animación a la lectura (Questions in Spanish to facilitate reading)

Educaplay (Crossword in Spanish) (Presentation with questions in Spanish to enhance understanding of each chapter) (12 page document explaining themes, characters and more)


(AS FILM) Solas

Instituto Cervantes, Nápoles (Complete online analysis and activities)

Junta de Andalucía (16 page booklet with pupil exercises) (Summary booklet)

Rincondelvago (Online summary of film, characters and opinions)

Museo de la Mujer (Detailed summary of issues, techniques and more)


(AS FILM) La Lengua de las Mariposas

Aulacine (Guide and worksheet)

Aprendiendo con el cine (Synopsis, themes, characters and activities for class)

Cine Foro (Lesson plans and activity sheets) (Unit of work on film)

MFL through film (Complete activity booklet)

Leeds University (AS/A2 teaching ideas for teachers)

Cine y Salud (Complete and detailed teaching booklet)

Quizlet (Interactive online Q&A games)


(AS FILM) El Bola

Julian Whiting Files (Complete booklet with activities)

Instituto Cervantes, Nápoles (Complete online analysis and activities)

Aprendiendo con el cine (Synopsis, themes, characters and activities for class)

Orientados (Synopsis, themes, characters, activities for discussion)

WJEC (Teacher ideas and online activities)

Student and Teacher Resources (Materials available for all levels from the Education Office at the Spanish Embassy in London) (Materials created by the Education Office at the Spanish Embassy in Dublin for teaching primary in Northern Ireland) (Various resources, links and ideas, including ideas for teaching films, for secondary Spanish lessons) (Lots of ideas for CLIL, skills-based activities, worksheets and more. Ideal for primary or KS3) (Lots of free resources to download for primary) (Free short films in Spanish with English subtitles) (Free lesson plans and videos of lessons for primary from the Jack Hunt School) ('La tienda de Luis'- fun video series for primary or KS3)

mayaandmiguel (Maya and Miguel interactive website for primary or KS3) (Spanish Christmas carols- words and videos from Youtube. For primary or KS3)

funwithlanguages (Resources for primary or KS3) (Spanish language resources for secondary level and up) (Handy tips and advice for teaching and learning Spanish) (Live news updates in English from Spain. For A-level)

La Jolie Ronde (Resources to purchase for primary Spanish)


Media (A-level) (BBC World news in Spanish) (Website for El Mundo newspaper) (Lots of videos of news articles from El País) (Spanish radio and television service) (Eroski Consumer TV website) (Website for TVE: the largest audiovisual group in Spain, broadcasting in the Spanish language.) (Website for channel 4 in Spain) (Website for channel 5 in Spain) (Website for chart music) (Website for TV channel from Madrid) (Yahoo homepage in Spanish) (Website for Hola magazine) (Catalan newspaper in Spanish) (Basque newspaper in Spanish) (News from Castille) (News from Catalunya in Spanish)


Radio/Podcasts (A-level) (Spanish music by genre) (Podcasts to assist in the learning of Spanish)  (Podcasts to assist in the learning of Spanish)  (Similar to, this site has a comprehensive list of Spanish radio stations you can stream. The site also provides links to other resources such as daily crosswords, cartoons, podcasts etc) (Podcasts on Spotify with transcripts and potential exercises)


Government, National & International Websites (A-level) (United Nations) (The European Union) (Ministry of Environment) (Ministry of Health) (La Moncloa) (Interior Ministry) (Instituto Cervantes, Hispanic culture online)


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