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Resources from NICILT events and a variety of websites.

Browse and download our resources tailored for the teaching of French in Northern Ireland. We have also gathered some links to some of the best online resources. Please note NICILT is not responsible for materials you may find on these sites. For queries relating to CCEA French Past Papers, please email us on

NICILT French Resources

Many thanks to our collaborators and colleagues for the following resources which have been tailor-made for NICILT:-

Mr. Ian Collen (NICILT/QUB) - Translation is fun at KS3

Dr. Peter Tame (QUB) - Manon des Sources (Powerpoint) Pagnol Part 1 (Powerpoint) Pagnol Part 2 (Powerpoint) Synopsis  Workshop

Mr Chris Jardin (Undergraduate at Edinburgh University) - Translation Booklets for Key Stage 3 Booklet 1  Booklet 2

Dr. Dominique Jeannerod (QUB) - Thérèse Desqueyroux (Powerpoint)

Dr. Rosalind Silvester (QUB) - Les Mains Sales (Zipped file, Powerpoint & Word)

Dr. Peter Tame (QUB) - La Gloire de Mon Père (Zipped file, Powerpoint, PDF, Word)

Dr. Dominique Jeannerod (QUB) - Les 400 Coups (Powerpoint)   Workshop   Glossary   Critique de Film

Dr. Claire Moran (QUB) - Le Gamin au Vélo (Powerpoint)   Workshop   Glossary

More teaching resources on the film by the Irish Film Institute are available here.

Dr. David Barr (UU) - Manon des Sources (Powerpoint)  Workshop

Links to online resources

Revised CCEA A-level

(FILM) Marcel Pagnol- Manon des sources

Didactique du français- Dossier de Lecture Suivie (Haute École Pédagogique du Val)


(TEXT) De Vigan- No et moi

Ressources pédagogiques (Institut Français)

Dossier pédagogique (Hachette)


(TEXT) Camus- L'Étranger

Notes & materials (D.

Capitivating and sustaining students' interest in L'Étranger (

Various levels of resources (

Blog dedicated to text (Compagnie de la Grande Ourse)

Fiches de


The following video could also serve as an introduction to the text as well as Camus' philosophy.

(FILM) Berri-Manon des Sources

Online activities (

(Please also refer to the above NICILT materials)

(FILM) Truffaut- Les 400 Coups

Dossier pédagogique (Information booklet by Centre National de Cinéma et de l'Image Animée)

Information on director and film (

Piste pédagogique (Information booklet by Alain Carbuccia)

(Please also refer to the above NICILT materials)

The following video could also serve as an introduction to the director.

(TEXT) Mauriac- Thérèse Desqueyroux

PDF of book (

Thérèse Desqueyroux – meurtrière ou victime? (Teacher & pupils materials from Masaryk University)

Theme-Love (Prezi by Bronwen Webster)

Theme-Tunnels (Journal Article by J.E. Flower, University of Exeter)

Theme- Symbolic landscape and quest for self (Journal Article by Philip Soloman, Southern Methodist University, USA)


The following extract from the film could also serve as an introduction to the text.

(TEXT) Pagnol-La gloire de mon père

Fiche Pédagogique (Booklet on film adaptation from

Booklet on 11 extracts (

Theme- L’identité provençale (Journal article by Teija Nipuli,University of Jyvaskyla)

Interactive Quiz (

Pupil booklet on film (


(POETRY) Prévert- A selection of poems*

*from Anthologie Prévert (Paroles 1946, Spectacle 1951, La pluie et le beau temps 1955, Histoires 1963):

Jour de fête/  Chanson des escargots qui vont à l’enterrement/ A Paris/ Le cancre /Page d’écriture/ En sortant de l’école/ Déjeuner du matin/ Familiale/ Pater Noster/ La nouvelle saison/ Chanson dans le sang/ Chanson des sardinières/ Evénements – Le cauchemar du chauffeur de taxi/ Chasse à l’enfant/ La grasse matinée/ Au hasard des oiseaux/ Le jardin/ On frappe/ Le tendre et dangereux visage de l’amour/ Pour toi mon amour/ Sur le champ/ Le discours sur la paix/ Tout s’en allait/ Barbara/ L’ordre nouveau

Ideas for reading poetry (Generic materials from on what to notice when reading poetry)

Using poetry in FLE classroom (Booklet from on using poetry, using example of 'Déjeuner du matin'.)

Introduction to writer (Q&A on author from

Hommage à Jacques Prévert (Website dedicated to writer)

Fiche de Recherche Documentaire (Information on writer)

Barbara (Information and ideas on teaching poem by

Short films on 13 poems (From


Here is a short film of 'Déjeuner du matin'.

(TEXT) Sartre- Les mains sales

Translation (Page 69- English translation by

Student and Teacher Resources

culturethèque (The teaching and learning platform of the Institut Français, with lots of resources for ALL levels of French. This will require you to register to use it but it is free.) (Free films, exercises and listenings for French learners) (Lots of free resources to download for primary French) (Some free and subcription-only resources such as lesson plans, schemes of work and teaching materials for French)  (Tips and advice about teaching and learning French) (Website run by Steve Smith -who is well worth a follow on twitter @spsmith45- of Ripon Grammar School. This website requires a subscription to gain access to all the content but it does have free resources) (Archived BBC site with resources for all ages)

francparler (Community of French teachers worldwide) (Practical French) (Wikipedia in French) (Wikipedia-type website aimed at readers aged 8-13 years) (Lots of teaching ideas from France) (French National centre of pedagogical resources) (Educational websites in French) (French songbook) ('Real life French for everyday conversation')

La Jolie Ronde (Resources to purchase for primary French)

Sparklespeak (Some free and some subscription-only primary French resources)

Headstartlanguages (Resources to teach French at primary level with the help of Camembear)


Media (A-level) (National French TV website)

Francetvéducation (Authentic digital materials for classroom in France) (Website for TF1 TV channel in France) (Website for Canal + with lots of videos and topics of interest) (Website for Metropole Television) (Website for Arte TV channel in France) (An Afro-centric BBC portal in French) (Popular online magazine) (News website aimed at children) (Choice of websites for children) (French language search engine) (French language search engine) (Website with links to different radio stations, information on many topics) (Website for national radio station Europe 1) (Website for Radio France Internationale with podcasts, transcripts and lesson ideas) (Website for French Radio RTL- formerly of Luxembourg) (News website in English about France) (Website for Arte Radio channel in France)


Government, National & International Websites (A-level) (National Institute of Youth and Popular Culture) (National Institute of Statistics and Economics)

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