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Resources from NICILT events, the Goethe Institut and a variety of websites.

Browse and download our resources tailored for the teaching of German. We have also gathered some links to some of the best online resources for German. Please note NICILT is not responsible for materials you may find on these sites. For queries relating to CCEA German Past Papers, please email us on

NICILT German Resources

Many thanks to our collaborators for the following resources which have been tailor-made for NICILT:-


Mr Chris Jardin (Undergraduate at Edinburgh University) - Translation Booklets for Key Stage 3 Booklet 1  Booklet 2

Gillian Pye, Sarah McEvoy & Siobhan Donovan, UCD - Der Besuch der alten Dame   PowerPoint Part 1   PowerPoint 2   Resource File 1   Resource File 2

Sandra Weber and Eva Fenn, DAAD & UCD - Almanya  Introduction (PPT) Workshop (Post-film)

Dr. Gillian Pye, UCD - Good Bye Lenin  Resource list  Activity 1  Activity 2  Activity 3


The following resources are all courtesy of the Goethe Institut:

Kai Diers & Christine Honigs- Media    Tips for teaching German

Sabine Uibel- Westwind   Introduction   Workshop

Wolfgang Winkler- Das Wunder von Bern Introduction   Workshop (Post-film) Worksheet 1   Worksheet 2   More ideas for films

Goodbye Lenin    Presentation

Maggie Höffgen- Goodbye Lenin  IN USE Goodbye Lenin! – Post-film worksheetPost-film worksheet   Lesson Ideas   Historical Overview

Das Wunder von Bern  Resource 1 (GCSE)   Resource 2 (GCSE)   Worksheet (AS)

Jenseits der Stille   Introduction   Worksheet (GCSE)

Miracle of Bern   Introduction (in English)

Die Innere Sicherheit  Introduction

Die Welle   Introduction   Worksheet   (Pre-film)   Worksheet (Post-film)

Der Krieger und die Kaiserin  Worksheets

Lola Rennt   Overview  Worksheet 1   Worksheet 2

Sophie Scholl     Introduction   Worksheet (A-level)

Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei/ The Edukators  Powerpoint   Worksheet 1   Worksheet 2   Worksheet 1 Solutions   Worksheet 2 Solutions

Das Leben der Anderen   Introduction   Worksheet 1   Worksheet 2

Teaching Youth Culture   Powerpoint

Teaching Divided Germany   Lesson Ideas

Teaching Immigration through film   Lesson Ideas

Film Vocabulary in German     Worksheet

Links to online resources

Student and Teacher Resources  (The official Goethe Institut- UK website. Lots of great resources for primary and secondary German, including Felix and Franzi materials) (The official Goethe Institut- Ireland website. Lots of great resources for primary and secondary German) (Lots of free resources to download for primary German) (Handy tips and advice for teaching and learning German)  (The 'Internet handbook of German grammar')

Media  (Website for ARD- joint organisation of Germany's regional public-service broadcasters)  (Website for ZDF- television broadcaster based in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate) (Website for DW- the 'German Wave'- Germany's international broadcasting service) (Website for WDR-public-broadcasting institution based in the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia) (Website for RTL- German commercial television station)  (News on sport in German) (Website for Tagesschau-German national and international television news service)  (Website for Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper)


Radio/Podcasts (Podcasts of radio programmes )  (German radio streaming)


Other Useful Websites  (English site about language and culture in Austria, Germany and Switzerland) (Goethe Institut homepage) (Information on German courses run by Goethe Insitut, London)

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