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Current Internship Opportunities

Why host a virtual internship?

Virtual internships offer employers the opportunity to reap the rewards of internships in the remote working environment. By hosting an intern, you will benefit from:

  • Enthusiasm and fresh perspectives
  • Problem solving for specific projects
  • An inexpensive resource
  • Technology and social media savvy talent
  • Opportunity to test out potential hires
  • Current employee development through mentorship
  • We have put together the following guide to help you deliver and benefit from this innovative approach to internships.

    Virtual Internships Guide for Employers

Santander Universities Internship Programmes

SME Internship

Funding type: Fully funded

Dates and duration of internship: 5-8 weeks; Spring/Summer 2021

Attracting and retaining the very best talent is important for any ambitious company.

The SME internship programme allows you to employ a student for up to 8 weeks giving you fantastic insight into their skills, aptitude and cultural fit.

Ideally positioned for students currently in final year or preparing to go into final year you will be providing a valuable opportunity for them to gain experience in preparation for employment.

Santander and QUB will fund up to £2,500 of the cost of hosting an intern for 8-weeks.

SME Impact Project

Funding type: Fully funded

Dates and duration of internship: 4 weeks; Spring/Summer 2021

The Impact Project is designed to facilitate students with work experience where they can deliver on a short sharp project in your organisation. 

Ideally suited to first and second year students, but open to all levels, the Impact Project gives you access to enthusiastic students who are keen to roll up their sleeves and make an impact over 4 weeks, gaining valuable employability skills.

Santander will fund up to £1,000 of the cost of hosting an intern for 4-weeks.

Employ Autism Higher Education Network

Funding type: Fully funded

Dates and duration of internship: flexible; must have commenced before Dec 2021

We’re looking for forward-thinking employers to join a ground-breaking higher education employability programme run by Santander through the charity Ambitious about Autism.

Help us enable autistic students and graduates to access paid internships and tailored careers support and advice. By offering a fully-funded internship, you will: 

  • Access staff training to upskill your employees
  • Improve organisational confidence in supporting autistic people
  • Access a pool of untapped, diverse talent 
  • Increase the morale and retention of your staff 
  • Raise productivity levels​ and improve your bottom line 
  • Promote diversity of thought and problem-solving​ 
  • Support your existing workforce to thrive​ 
  • Reflect the diversity of your clients and communities 
  • Potentially become a ‘Disability Confident’ employer