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Accessing the Campus Network
QF22 Form - Register for an IP Address (to get access to the Queen's Network Online Registration Form
Email Registration Forms for...
QF01P Form‌ - Request a new Personal email account  pdf file (1 page)
QF01G Form- Request a new Generic email account pdf file (1 page)
QF02 Staff Email Access - to access staff files/email during absense Word file (2 pages)
Xerox MFD Setup Request Form   
QF03 Form - Xerox MFD Setup Request  pdf file (1 page)
Accessing the Content Management System (CMS) (Web Authoring)
Request CMS Access (staff number and password required) Online Registration Form

To request access to the staff filestore (Q:\StaffHome or Q:\StaffShared), please refer to instructions at Storage and Backup 

Note: You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to download pdf files.  This software can be downloaded from the Adobe website.