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Terms and Conditions

Promote your work experience, placement, and graduate opportunities – early booking advised

Careers Fairs are a great way for employers to meet and connect with Queen’s University students on campus in promotion of job opportunities for Summer 2023 and beyond.  

Venue capacity for the Fairs is limited and organisations wishing to secure an exhibition space are advised to book early. 

We are prioritising organisations that are actively recruiting, with work experience and job opportunities promotable during the Fairs and reserve the right to allocate places based on your level of recruitment.   

To further the University's commitment to driving social change, we also have a limited number of free exhibitor packages available to Voluntary and Third Sector organisations for the Fairs.

Restricted booking

Student experience is a primary focus for the University and we recognise that our students prefer to connect directly with potential employers rather than through a third party. 

In this way they get a chance to talk to staff, ask questions and get a feel for the organisation and its culture firsthand.  It is for this reason that we do not permit organisations with third party commercial interests to take part in fairs, either on campus or online. 

Exceptions to this rule are occasionally made for recruiters that have a long-standing relationship with a specific University School, fulfilling the direct sectoral requirements of that set of students and where the School makes a recommendation.


Meeting our service policy

We reserve the right to reject or amend registration forms that are deemed not to meet our service policy.

View our policy

Our Policy for the Promotion of Employers is available to view below:

Queen’s University Policy for the Promotion of Employers


Space is limited and organisations will be charged at full rate if cancellation occurs within four weeks of the event.

Force Majeure

If the Fair cannot be held because the University cannot make the Premises available due to a Force Majeure event, the University shall make a full refund to exhibitor of all monies paid by them but shall not be liable for any losses whether direct or indirect suffered by the Exhibitor as a result of the cancellation.

In this case ‘Force Majeure’ means

  • any cause beyond the University's control (including fire, explosion or other damage or any act or event of force majeure);
  • industrial action or dispute involving the University; or
  • special event (such as a State Visit) requiring full use of University Premises.

We shall use reasonable endeavours to minimise the effects of a Force Majeure event.


Government Restrictions

The University and exhibitor each accept their obligation to comply with any official guidance from the Northern Ireland Executive relating to public health e.g. COVID-19

If the University is obliged, due to specific restrictions imposed by the Northern Ireland Executive, to close the Premises to which the Fair Booking relates, it may offer the exhibitor an alternative platform or revised date but if that cannot be agreed the Fair will be deemed cancelled and the University will refund to exhibitor of all monies paid by them.

The University shall not be liable for any losses whether direct or indirect suffered by the exhibitor as a result of any of the measures adopted by the University in accordance with Government restrictions or the cancellation of the Fair.