2019 TEDxQueensUniversityBelfast - 'OUTSIDE | IN'

Queens University Belfast hosted its first independently organised TED event on Thursday 23 May 2019.

Dr Jackie Redpath

TEDx Talk: 5968 - Transforming a Generation

The Shankill area of Belfast has declared itself a ‘Children and Young People Zone’ and is on a 20 year journey of change to transform the lives of this generation of its children and young people. Numbering 5968, this is now the third generation, over a 50 year period, impacted by the collapse of Belfast’s industrial base, compounded by large scale Shankill redevelopment and overlaid by the N.Ireland conflict and its legacy, leaving an entrenched educational deficit, high levels of ill-health and economic inactivity in a population of 23,000.

The Zone is a framework, designed and designated by the community, bringing together a ‘coalition of the willing’ committed to releasing and realising the potential of this generation in the Shankill. The central spine of the Zone is built on individual conversations with children and young people around the ‘story’ they want their life to be, jointly designing the pathway to that outcome and then providing sustained support for each child on their journey, one at a time for as long as it takes. This process will lead to a collective outcomes framework effecting the journey of transformation in this generation of children and young people.

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Patrick Brown

TEDx Talk: Can Cash Cure Conflict?

Patrick is currently a 1st year PhD student at the Senator George J Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice, and his research is focused on Universal Basic Income (UBI) and whether it could be used as a tool for conflict transformation in post-conflict societies such as Northern Ireland. He is a graduate in Politics from the University of Sheffield and has experience working in international development and local government. He lives in Downpatrick and also runs his own travel company, Politrip, which offers volunteer abroad opportunities on US political campaigns.

Favourite TED Talk

Poverty isn’t a lack of character, it’s a lack of cash

Tell us someone you admire, and why

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she doesn’t think young people should wait their turn to make a difference

Describe yourself in three words

Ambitious, outspoken, impatient

Tell us a goal that you have set yourself, that you want to accomplish in the next year

Set up a property investment company

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Máire O’Neill

TEDx Talk: Spies and Dolls - The Future of IoT Security

Prof. Máire O’Neill has a strong international reputation for her research in hardware security and applied cryptography. She is Principal Investigator of the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT: https://www.qub.ac.uk/csit), QUB, and Director of the £5M EPSRC/NCSC-funded Research Institute in Secure Hardware and Embedded Systems (RISE: www.ukrise.org). She recently led the €3.8M EU H2020 SAFEcrypto (Secure architectures for Future Emerging Cryptography: www.safecrypto.eu ) project (2014-2018).

She previously held a UK EPSRC Leadership Fellowship (2008-2014) and was a former holder of a UK Royal Academy of Engineering research fellowship (2003-2008). She has received numerous awards, which include a Blavatnik Engineering and Physical Sciences medal, 2019, a Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal, 2014 and British Female Inventor of the Year 2007.  She has authored two research books, and over 150 peer-reviewed international conference/journal publications. Her early research into high-speed AES hardware architectures was successfully commercialised by Amphion Semiconductors, Belfast, and utilized to provide security in their set-top box chip sets. Collaborative research with ETRI, South Korea, on a novel security architecture for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging systems was licensed by LG-CNS. She is a member of the Royal Irish Academy and a Fellow of the Irish Academy of Engineering.

Favourite TED Talk

Too many favourites to choose just one!

Tell us someone you admire, and why

Famous historical female engineers, like Edith Clark – the first woman to earn a Master’s degree in Electrical engineering from MIT. In 1947 she joined the University of Texas at Austin as their first female professor in Electrical Engineering (and the first in the country). I became the first female professor in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Queen’s!

Describe yourself in three words

Motivated, determined and resilient

Tell us a goal that you have set yourself, that you want to accomplish in the next year

Give a TED talk!

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Marlene Trimble

TEDx Talk: Against All Odds

My name is Marlene Trimble, I am 22 years old and I am currently employed full time with Mencap. I enjoy the work I currently do and am very hard working and dedicated. I live independently in Derry, Northern Ireland and completed a Psychology degree with Queen’s University Belfast in June 2018. I am very passionate about psychology and how it can help others. My dream career would be applying my degree in a way that would help others the most. I love reading fiction and listening to music as well as getting out for walks in my spare time.

My favourite movie series would have to be Harry Potter but I love all things Marvel. My favourite author at the moment would have to be Trudi Canavan, her books are fantastic and very engaging. My favourite place to go to relax is the beach, it always helps me to feel calm and gather my thoughts.

Favourite TED Talk

The secret of becoming mentally strong

Tell us someone you admire, and why

I admire my best friend Ciaran a lot, he has done so many good things for charity and puts his all into everything that he does. He has the biggest heart and would do anything he could to help anybody.

Describe yourself in three words

Fun, passionate and dedicated

Tell us a goal that you have set yourself, that you want to accomplish in the next year

To improve my mental health as much as possible

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Delfina Bilello

TEDx Talk: What would happen if we were all Narcissists?

Delfina Bilello was born in Argentina and soon moved to Italy where she grew up. Later, she spent her teenage years in Spain until she decided to move to Belfast in order to pursue further education in 2015. She successfully completed her Psychology Degree at Queen’s University receiving Top BSc Honours Psychology Student Award. After that, she remained in Belfast where she is currently attending the Psychology of Childhood Adversity master’s course.

Whilst her interests have always revolved around child psychopathology, she has recently grown an interest in research around the topics of individual differences and personality and their impact on mental health. Thus, she began exploring the Dark Triad of Personality, namely Psychopathy, Machiavellianism and Narcissism within the InteRRaCt Lab. This emerging field has helped her develop a different perspective on personality, whereby seemingly negative traits can also provide advantages.

Favourite TED Talk

Are you a giver or a taker?

Someone you admire, and why

Paulo Coelho.

He has a very inspirational trajectory leading him to become one of the most important, and one of my favourite, writers of this century. Initially with much opposition from his family he managed to pursue his dream despite having to overcome experiences such as being in a psychiatric institution and undergoing severe treatments. A clear example of resilience, he translated such adversities into touching words and incorporated them into his narrative promoting resilience and positivity. He is still reaching and helping people to reconsider their approach to life both through literature and social action.

Three words to describe yourself

Creative, Driven and quite Introverted

A goal that you have set yourself, that you want to accomplish next year

For the next year I’m excited to start a PhD focused on Self-Harm and Suicide. This is just part of a broader vision to constantly stepping outside the box and always try new and unconventional routes regardless of how scary these may seem. Starting from my participation in this Ted X talk, despite being quite an introverted person, my goal is to keep working in the field I love and reaching to other people in an effort to raise awareness about issues not often discussed.

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Professor John Garry

TEDx Talk: Democracy = Random + Reason

John Garry is Professor of Political Behaviour in the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics at Queen’s University Belfast.

His research focuses on various aspects of democracy: elections, referendums and citizens’ assemblies. He has led numerous academic projects funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and was British Academy Mid-Career Fellow in 2012-13. He was a member of the Expert Advisory Group of the Irish Citizens’ Assembly, 2016-18.

May Favourite TED Talk

The Last Serenade

Tell us someone you admire, and why

Eddie Gray, for his goal for Leeds United against Burnley in 1970

Describe yourself in three words

Understated, underwhelmed, overpaid

Tell us a goal that you have set yourself, that you want to accomplish in the next year

To scientifically prove that 3-4-3 is the most effective football formation

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The Priests

Performance by Queen's University Belfast Graduates of the Year 2009

The Priests hit the musical headlines in April 2008 when they signed a £1m record deal with music giant Sony BMG. Fathers Eugene O'Hagan, his brother Martin, and David Delargy, are all Queen's University Belfast graduates and each has a busy parish in the diocese of Down and Connor.

Though their success was overnight, the unlikely trio have actually been singing together for the past 35 years, since they were pupils in St MacNissi's College at Garron Tower, where they were known as 'holy, holy, holy' by their peers.

Father Eugene graduated in Scholastic Philosophy in 1982 and his brother Martin followed three years later in Ancient History, when Father David also qualified in History. Their first album The Priests was recorded in 2008 with the Philharmonic Academy of Rome from St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican and spent 13 weeks at number one. Nominated for the 2009 Classical Album of the Year, it was the fastest debut selling classical album ever. They also topped the charts with their DVD - The Priests, In Concert at Armagh Cathedral - recorded in September 2008.

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Matthew Thompson

TEDx Talk: Spread Too Thin? 'Deep Not Wide' is the Answer

Matthew Thompson is a 24-year old storyteller dedicated to celebrating the 'New Belfast' and challenging the negative narratives about Northern Ireland. His podcast 'Best Of Belfast' features unfiltered conversations with local leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives and ‘Norn Irish legends.’ 

Before university, Matthew worked at a non-profit in Manhattan that serves the homeless and chronic-hoarding communities of NYC for three years. It was there he met his future-wife Jaci, a nurse from Germany. They got married and moved back to Northern Ireland in 2016.

Alongside studying Creative Writing at Queens, Matthew now freelances as a Copywriter & Podcaster to pay the bills and cycles for Deliveroo on his lunch break for the thrills.

After building one of the largest social media profiles in the country, he decided to shut down the accounts to focus on having a deep impact on a small group of people instead of a shallow impact on many — a philosophy he describes as ‘Deep Not Wide.’

Matthew loves to challenge the status quo and to encourage people to think/live differently. His first book ‘The Blood Tipped Blade’ tackles the taboo issue of pornography addictions among young people. 

Favourite TED Talk

Growing Up in a Pornified Culture

Tell us someone you admire, and why

My granny. She’s one of the greatest practitioners of hard-work with contentment that I know

Describe yourself in three words

Simplicity. Freedom. Purpose.

Tell us a goal that you have set yourself, that you want to accomplish in the next year

To publish an hour-long podcast with someone from Northern Ireland every Monday morning to show people just how amazing this part of the world is.

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Emer Maguire

TEDx Talk: The Science of Love

Emer Maguire is an international award winning science communicator, BBC Radio Ulster presenter, Speech and Language Therapist, and a singer songwriter. Hailing from Strabane in Northern Ireland, Emer uses her unique style and sense of humour to communicate the wonders of science to the general public. It all began when Emer was named the UK’s best science communicator in 2015 when she won FameLab UK. Fast forward to 2017, and Emer was named the winner of International Science Stars in Asia. With topics including from “Why do we fall in love?” and “Why do we Kiss?”, Emer inspires audiences to find science as captivating as she does.

Emer is also a successful musical comedian; her unforgettable and hilarious self penned songs are a stand out feature of her performances. Emer spreads her love for science and tech by presenting her BBC radio show, “Science and Stuff with Emer Maguire”. She also recently shared her passion for nature with listeners as co presenter of BBC’s “Wild North”. Emer won two Irish Music Radio Awards in October 2018 for Best Newcomer Presenter (silver) and Specialist Speech Broadcaster (Bronze). When she’s not on air, she performs at science festivals and hosts events throughout the UK and Ireland.

Favourite TED Talk

I really love Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk “Your body language may shape who you are”. It’s all about how body language impacts how other people see us, and how standing in a confident posture impacts our brain. It’s related to something I use all the time in my work. If I feel nervous or I’m going to talk in front of a lot of people I do something called “the superman pose”…and my nerves disappear and my confidence sky rockets. Look it up, it works.

Tell us someone you admire, and why

Musical comedian Victoria Wood for her sheer talent and way with words. People often compare my musical comedy to hers and I couldn’t think of a better compliment.

Describe yourself in three words

Witty, driven and charismatic (or so I’m told)

Tell us a goal that you have set yourself, that you want to accomplish in the next year

I’m currently working on a few different podcasts. In the next year I want to release at least two of them

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Professor Mark Lawler

TEDx Talk: Tackling Cancer Inequalities: The Time to Act is NOW!

Mark has an international reputation in cancer research, publishing papers in the very highest impact journals including the New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Nature Medicine and Lancet Oncology and has received a number of awards including the Vander Molen Prize for Leukaemia Research, the Ely Lilly Prize, the Graves Medal for Medical Research and The St Lukes Medal for Cancer Research. He is the Queen’s lead of the Stratified Medicine in Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Programme which has defined a new molecular signature for this deadly disease. He led the Research Gaps in Colorectal Cancer Initiative and published a paper in the premier journal Gut, which has defined research priorities in CRC for the next decade.

He leads Health Data Research UK’s cancer data strategy and is driving the development of a UK wide cancer knowledge network. Mark’s leadership in addressing cancer inequalities has had impact across Europe and beyond. He was the architect of the European Cancer Patient’s Bill of Rights (BoR) which he launched with patient and healthcare colleagues in the European Parliament on World Cancer Day. The BoR has been adopted in over 25 countries across Europe. It received the prestigious 2018 European Health Award, which was presented to Mark at the opening ceremony of the European Health Forum Gastein.

Favourite TED Talk

I have two, one by Paddy Johnston, former Vice Chancellor and my friend and colleague who sadly passed away suddenly in 2017  and a second by Francoise Meunier, another friend, colleague and former Director General of the European Organisation for the Research and Treatment of Cancer

Tell us someone your admire, and why

Sir Tim Smit, founder of Eden and the Lost Gardens of Heligan for his determination and drive to help preserve our planet (and have fun doing it!)

Describe yourself in three words

Listener; inspirer; communicator

Tell us a goal that you have set yourself, that you want to accomplish in the next year

Be healthier

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There will also be entertainment slots built into TEDxQueensUniversityBelfast.

Manisha Natarajan

Entertainment: Bharatanatyam Classical Dance

Manisha, a 4th year medical student at Queen's University Belfast, has been learning, teaching, and performing Bharatanatyam for almost 2 decades under the guidance of Guru Sri Prakash Yadagudde of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in London.  Since moving to Belfast for her medical studies at Queen’s University, she has performed throughout the city and held workshops in Indian Classical Dance.

Bharatanatyam is a beautiful and precise South Indian classical dance form which intricately combines energetic physical movement with drama to portray stories from Indian folklore and Hindu mythology.

This is a piece in Rag Purvi Kalyani in praise of Lord Shiva, the Lord of dance. Sri Padmacharan’s poetic lyrics describe Shiva dancing at twilight, accompanied musically by his wife, Parvati and his son, Ganapathi, on symbols (who initially plays the wrong beat and is corrected by his mother). A devotee of Lord Shiva hears his powerful footwork, echoing as if the mountains were falling and, on seeing him, she says it was as if time itself had stopped to watch Shiva dance.