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Building your Career Internationally

Think outside the box about your career options

Building a career internationally requires resilience, an open mind, and a strong network.

Become a competitive candidate for an international career

Student Assistant Chloe on what it takes to succeed in the global graduate job market.

Taking on opportunities both at home and abroad to build your skills and your network can make you a competitive candidate for an international career.

The Queen’s alumni community spans the globe and is a good place to look for global connections.

A willingness to think outside the box about your career options and look towards companies with a global footprint can increase your chances of working abroad.

Did you know?

  • International work opportunities can help grow your confidence, while learning about yourself and suitable careers.
  • It is ok to take time to explore, even after you have already graduated- your career path does not have to be a linear one.




PHOTO: Leo Sims
“I undertook my placement during my summer holiday at the end of my fourth year. My international elective was not a compulsory component of my dental course, but my clinical tutors provided me with advice on how to organise it.

“My experience overseas with Work the World added a different perspective of how dental care is provided in another country. I learnt a lot of transferable skills from my experience, such as communication and adaptability. It has helped with transitioning into different working environments and making the best out of them.” Leo Sims
Queen’s University Dentistry graduate

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Build your network and resilience

Developing your resilience and your network are important towards building your career internationally

You can make connections and build resilience through volunteering, LinkedIn and QUB alumni events- keep an open mind and try new things.

Your online profile reflects you and your motivations but should also be tailored to your target industry.


Go outside your comfort zone

Look for opportunities outside of your comfort.

Be open to trying out new things and look towards companies that have a global presence for building a global career.

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