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Put yourself out there and make connections

Make the most of LinkedIn and other professional networking opportunities, such as meetups or Professional Associations events - you might hear about upcoming job opportunities.

It also helps you to build your industry knowledge which will make you stand out in the recruitment process.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of networking

Careers Student Assistant Nicholas explains why it’s important to make the most of professional networking opportunities. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of networking, it really is just putting yourself out there and making connections.

Did you know?

  • You can use LinkedIn to develop industry knowledge by following organizations and joining groups.
  • Your online profile reflects you and your motivations but should also be tailored to your target industry.
  • LinkedIn can be just as important as your CV for many organisations and should reflect the same experience and skills shared on your CV.
  • Joining professional associations for your area of interest or industry can open doors to many opportunities and connections. People respect that you might be putting yourself out of your comfort zone and appreciate that you are going above and beyond to get connected into the industry.
  • Feeling awkward about networking is normal, but practice makes perfect.
PHOTO: Ciara Laverty
“After graduating, I volunteered and worked a range of seasonal and casual job contracts in order to build up my experience within the environmental sector.

This also enabled me to network with others and gain career advice from those who were working in roles that I aspired to.” Ciara Laverty
Master's in Ecological Management and Conservation Biology

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students walking together in a park
Networking is a life skill

Networking is important at all stages of your career- it is part of your career development.

Networking is just as important once you are in a role as working across teams and communication are two important skills in the changing world of work.