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Recruitment and Selection

Bring your best self to a graduate interview

Do your research

Know about the company and the role you are applying for and how your skills and experience fit.

Access support to succeed in recruitment

From 1:1 appointments with careers consultants, to our virtual CV checker, and mock interviews, our student assistant Joe on how to access support to succeed in recruitment.

Did you know?

  • Updating your CV and making it relevant for the role you're applying to is vital to making your CV stand out to the employer.
  • Strengths-based interviews focus on your strengths and what you, are capable of doing. Competency-based interviews focus on your skills and what you can do- get tips on types of questions and how to best answer.
  • Most employers only spend about 10 seconds reviewing your CV. Make your CV stand out by targeting it to the job description and the company. We provide resources to help develop your CV through 1:1 consultations and a CV checker.
  • Virtual interviews and assessment centres require much of the same preparation as those that are carried out in-person. Doing your research, make sure to read any materials sent to you prior to the interview/assessment centre and test out any technology.
  • Providing examples of your skills gained outside of the classroom can be an important way to stand out in an interview.

4 Tips for succeeding at interview

Know the interview details- where, when, who. Know the company and the role and know yourself.

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