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Page Contents

The Page Contents content type will fetch headings on your page and build a bullet list of anchor links that takes the website visitor to each heading and the content beneath it. This means you don't have to take the time to build content links or anchor links - it will be done for you.

Research shows that instead of reading all available text on a web page, users quickly scan for content of interest - and bullet links are an ideal way of assisting website visitors in doing this.

This content type will also generate a 'return-to-contents' button to return users back to the conents list. This will save users from scrolling.

Think of the Page Contents as a simple way to build a full content page without the complexity and restrictions of using accordions, yet offers users the ability to quickly scan and navigate to content of interest.

In Summary, this content type:

  • Builds a bullet list of in-page content links - no need to build CMS content links
  • Allows quick scanning of content available
  • Builds a 'return-to-contents' button
  • Allows the use of existing CMS content types such as Image Gallery, DTP - Video Embed and more.
  • If you use accordions, you are restricted to a single HTML field in which to build your content for each accordion item. The Page Contents is a great alternative where you can make much more use of the wide variety of CMS content types. 


The Page Contents content type has one field - the Name field, but you must also use another content type in conjuction - DTP - General Content and ensure you add a heading to the Heading Text field. This allows the Page Contents to collect only the headings you wish to build into a bullet list of anchor links.


To see the Page Content in operation, please view the below demo pages:


General Guidance

Please use the following information to help ensure that you are using this content type correctly: 

  • Use the Page Contents AND the DTP - General Content content types to make this work 
  • It is recommened to use this content type if you have a long page of content with various content segments with their own natural headings. An example would be an FAQ style page.
  • Ensure that the heading you use in the field, Heading Text in the DTP - General Content content type matches the heading you type into the Text field.   
  • If you have a query about this content type, please log a request for support via the IT Helpdesk.
  • Use a margin-bottom in the DTP - General Content content items. This will allow the content to be spaced nicely.


Accessibility Guidance

Please use the following guidance to help make sure your content adheres to accessibility regulations:

  • Do ensure that the heading text is clear, descriptive, and unique from other headings on the page.

Form Field Guidance

Please use the following information to help you use this Content Type effectively:

Page Contents Field Guidance
Field TitleInformationIs it required?
Name This is the name of the content block, only visible to editors of the section.   Yes


Ensure that you also use the DTP - General Content content type and fill out the Heading Text field. The heading in the Heading Text field will populate the Page Contents list.