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Asperger’s Social and Support Group at Queen’s

Support Group
Asperger’s Social and Support Group at Queen's

Once enrolled on their course, all students with Autism/ASD who are registered with Disability Services, are invited to attend the Asperger’s Social and Support Group at Queen’s.

The Group meets at least once a month during term-time, usually in the One Elmwood Student Centre.  It allows students to develop friendships, discuss any difficulties which they may experience at University and receive support both from their peers and the Group facilitators (two Disability Officers).   The group meets in a safe, secure environment where members feel comfortable and accepted.   Group activities vary and depend on members’ interests, eg watching a film, visiting the Ulster Museum and the Linen Hall Library, going out for lunch, as well as workshops on healthy eating and stress management. 

Please feel free to view the below video which looks at the differences between school and university: