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Student FAQs

Student FAQs

1. Does a needs assessment cost me anything?

There are no costs incurred by you - the cost of the needs assessment is covered by the DSA funding.

2. What happens after the needs assessment meeting?
Your Needs Assessor will write a detailed report outlining the impact of your disability on your studies with recommendations for support. This will be forwarded to you to review and then onto your EA for approval. Your EA has the final decision on the support funded.

3. What happens after approval?
Your Education Authority or funding body will write to you listing the funded support you will receive. Equipment will be ordered and delivery arranged directly by your Education Authority and supplier.

4. How long will it be before I receive my support?
The Education Authority will confirm by letter which recommendations have been approved within 6 – 8 weeks but may take longer during busy periods, especially at the beginning of the academic year.  

To receive your recommendations you must liaise directly with the Supplier and Education Authority. This process can take a further 4- 6 weeks.

If recommended and approved, start keeping receipts for consumables, for example photocopying and printing costs as these costs can be reimbursed by your funding body if you have a suitable receipt. It is your responsibility to send these to your EA or funding body. 

5. When can I apply for DSA?

The sooner the better in order to have the support in place when you start your course. However, you can apply for DSA at any stage of your course.

6. I have downloaded the DSA form but need support completing it - who can I contact?

Any queries, just contact us and we will help you- please contact 028 9097 5062 or email