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How do I apply for DSA?

How do I apply for DSA?

  • Complete a DSA1 form (available at and send this to your Education Authority or equivalent funding body eg SFE. Please note that if you are a Nursing student in receipt of a bursary, a DSA1 form is not required.
  • Include up-to-date detailed medical evidence or an Educational Psychologist’s report if you have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, along with your DSA1 form.
  • Once you have received a letter from your Education Authority confirming that you are eligible for DSA, book your needs assessment by contacting the Needs Assessment Centre on 028 9097 5062 or  

Disabled Students' Allowance Process Made Easy

Complete relevant DSA01 Form and return to the Education Authority with medical evidence.

'Section 5' of the DSA01 Form can be completed at the Student Information Point, Level 1, One Elmwood Student Centre.

The Education Authority will confirm eligibility for DSA within approximately 8 weeks.

Student contacts the Needs Assessment Centre (NAC) to arrange an appointment. All appointments are offered within 10 days of initial contact.

Student attends a meeting with their Needs Assessor to discuss individual support needs.

The Needs Assessment Report is finalised within 10 working days and sent to the student for review.

The report is sent to the Education Authority to be processed. The student's University Disability Officer is also provided with a copy of the report.

The Education Authority will confirm by letter (DSA02 letter) which recommendations have been approved within 6-8 weeks. Your DSA02 letter will tell you who your NMH (non-medical helpers) provider is - whether it is QUB or external.*

If the student has not received a letter by 8 weeks they should contact the Education Authority directly by phone or email.

Equipment Delivery:

Student to organise directly with the Supplier and Education Authority. This process can take a further 4-6 weeks.

Training Delivery:

Student to organise directly with the Supplier and Education Authority.

One-to-One Support

If your NMH provider is QUB, we will organise one-to-one support for you following approval of recommendations by the Education Authority.*

On the rare occasion that your NMH provider is not QUB, and is external, we will provide you with contact details for your provider and advise you on how you can set up your one-to-one support.*