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Needs Assessment Timelines

Needs Assessment Timelines

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The below table summarises the key performance indicators that the Needs Assessment Centre at Queen’s aims to work towards with regards to the scheduling assessment appointments, quality assuring reports and progressing approved one-to-one support recommendations.



Timeframe to be met (working days)

Appointment Offer

An offer of a date for an appointment with a needs assessor will be made within 10 days* of the receipt of all necessary documentation (DSA1, medical evidence etc). 

*Depending on the time of year (i.e., peak business periods), this may extend to 15 days.


Report Completion

Time taken to complete and upload the needs assessment report / quotes through Cudos, the Centre’s information management system.


Quality Assurance

Time taken to quality assure a needs assessment report / return it to the assessor for amendment where required should be no longer than 5 working days.



The timeframe the student has for reviewing the draft report and feeding back with requests for amendments, additions etc is 3 days.



Where changes are required to a report, the needs assessor has 5 days in which to make these amendments.  On submission, the student will then have another 3 days to review the new draft / feed back in relation to further amendments, if required.



Following a nil response (i.e., where a student is happy with the contents of the draft report), the timeframe for returning the final version to the funder for consideration is 5 days.



Number of days to action a DSA2 letter or equivalent funder notification, i.e., the timeline for making a referral to the Register of Support Providers at Queen’s for approved one-to-one support following receipt of a DSA2 (or equivalent).


Further Information: If you have any queries about the above or require further information, please contact the Needs Assessment Centre at 028 90 5062 or at