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Disability Services Naming Survey

We want to hear your thoughts on the name of our service.

Disability Services has been working alongside a student-led project to review the current service name and ensure that it recognises the specialist support provided, while also being positive and inclusive.

Queen's Disability Service is committed to ensuring that students with a disability or long-term condition have equitable access as far as reasonably possible to all aspects of University life. This commitment is underpinned by the ‘social model’ of disability, where people are disabled by barriers in society rather than their disability or difference. 

It is important that the name of the Service reflects this social model, emphasising the need to remove  barriers to learning for students, rather than focusing on an individual’s disability as the impeding factor. It is also important to note that a significant number of students registered with the service identify as having a ‘long term health condition’ as opposed to a ‘disability’; therefore it is important that the Service’s name is inclusive for this group.

We would be grateful if students, both those registered with Disability Services and those who are not, could complete our short survey to let us know how they feel about the name of our service. Upon completion of the survey, let us know if you would be interested in attending a short focus group to discuss the topic further - free pizza will be provided!

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