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Academic Support

Academic Support

At your assessment interview your academic support requirements will be determined and Disability Services will liaise with the relevant School and endeavour to ensure that appropriate support is put in place for you.

Academic support is considered within two main areas:
Learning & Teaching Support:

  • Teaching materials in an alternative format e.g. large print, audio tape, coloured paper or braille
  • Provision of reading lists in advance to allow time to arrange for audio books to be acquired
  • Photocopies of lecture notes in advance of lectures
  • Staff might be asked to wear a microphone for use with a phonic ear system
  • Permission to record lectures
  • Arrangement of lectures in accessible venues

In-course Assessment Arrangements:

  • Assessment papers in an alternative format e.g. large font, braille etc.
  • Use of a personal computer for class tests
  • Extra time or flexible deadlines for the completion of assignments or class tests
  • Consideration for spelling, grammar and hand-writing

The School concerned will be informed of each student's support requirements and they, in turn, undertake to inform all the relevant teaching staff of your individual support needs. 

There are individual Disability Advisers for each School within the University: