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Mind your Head
Steps to deal with stress booklet
Chronic pain
Dont gamble with your sexual health
Drug and alcohol directory
Gum Clinics
Key Contacts
Obsessions and Compulsions
Post Traumatic Stress
Shyness and Social Anxiety
Sleep Problems
Student Guide Booklet
Student Support Leaflet 2015/16
Self Harm Leaflet
Staff Guide to Student Care (sumarised version)
Cannabis and You
PSNI Drugs Booklet
Taking the Lid Off
QUB Parental consent form
Guide for Staff Supporting Students
Finding your Feet E-zine
Exam E-zine
Resilience E-zine
Relationships E-zine
Parental Consent Form
Student Affairs Introduction 2015
Student Welfare 2015
Mind Your Mood NI Workshops & Programmes
MYM Logo
Five Ways to Wellbeing from Carecall
Carecall’s 10 Top Tips for Less Stress
10 Surprising Ways to Beat Exam Stress
Sudden Death - Reactions
January Fear & Anxiety E-zine
February Friendship Ezine
What is CBT? (146 KB)
RAVI Logo (68 KB)
PDF Stress 17-18 (378 KB)
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Coping Planner (402 KB)
Childcare Workbook (1,283 KB)
Goal Setting (1,386 KB)
Purpose in Life (2,281 KB)
Loneliness (1,278 KB)
Stages of Grief (1,626 KB)
Physical Health (1,363 KB)
Addiction support (1,686 KB)
Self Harm Resource (3,744 KB)
Annex 1 U18 (212 KB)
Annex 2 U18 (137 KB)
Annex 3 U18 (86 KB)
Annex 4 U18 (31 KB)