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By Barbara Boyle


Barbara Boyle is an experienced German language tutor, translator and interpreter and has lived in Northern Ireland since 1996 and works for Queen’s University Belfast in a part-time capacity. She teaches German language courses (Open Learning), International Business with German (Management/ AEL/ Language Centre) and  is a teaching assistant for German on the PGCE programme.  Barbara obtained two Masters Degrees - a ‘Magister Artium’ in Pedagogy, Sociology and English Language Studies  from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (1990) and an ‘MA in Translation’ from QUB (2010). She has a postgraduate certificate in Social Management (Düsseldorf, 1991) as well as a ‘Certificate in Community Work’ QUB LLL, 1997).  For almost 5 years she worked as journalist (WORTFABRIK, Düsseldorf) and was an executive director for FRAUEN RADIO DÜSSELDORF (women’s radio association). Since 1998, Barbara has been offering courses and workshops (journalism), lectures on German social policy and German language classes, mostly at QUB. 

Barbara is a registered interpreter/ translator and language tutor with several language agencies in UK and a member of the Institute of Linguists. She is co-director of the recently established JoinHer Network and is involved in cross-community and cross-cultural activities.  In the last 3 years she has been working a freelance tour guide taking cruise ship visitors around Belfast and along the Northern Irish East and North Coast.

Course Aims and Learning Outcomes

Summary of Content and Form

This lesson is for Beginners and you will learn some new vocabulary:

  • Gardening
  • Grammar will include
  • Cases - nominative, accusative, dative, genitive
  • Possessive articles
  • Negative articles
  • A different way to learn German and an introduction to cultural aspects (music) and German horticulture
  • Exercises to consolidate learning through quizzes, crosswords and writing short letters

Learning outcomes

  • An increased vocabulary that relates to everyday activities and interests
  • Awareness of a different aspect of German life
  • New insights into German culture

View the German For Beginners Video

German - Mein Garten

Mein Garten - To enjoy the activities begin by watching the video where you can listen how to pronounce the words. Next look at the German Garden Glossary which you will need for the third activity – the crossword puzzle. Before trying to complete it, you should read the letter and see how much you understand and maybe try to fill in the missing words by using the glossary above or go back to the PowerPoint Presentation and write down the words. At the end of the glossary you will find a YouTube link. If you click on it, you can hear one of Barbara’s favourite music pieces: ‘Träumerei’ (‘Dreaming’) by Robert Schumann.

German Garden Glossary

Crossword Activity

Complete this German crossword activity.  The accompanying video and garden glossary will help you.