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By Colin Meneely


Rev Dr Colin Meneely, BD, MSSc, PhD, FHEA, is a Recognised Teaching Assistant (TA) and Part Time Tutor in Open Learning at the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work, Queen’s University Belfast. His field is Christian Education and Adult Education. He has worked in these in both local church ministry and overseas ministry and theological development for almost forty years. He has written and presented on these subjects in specialised papers and journals. He was born in Belfast and presently lives in Holywood.

Course Aims and Learning Outcomes

Summary of content and form

This course will give a very brief introduction to the central beliefs of Christian theology. The class aims to be very accessible and enjoyable so don’t worry if you have little or no knowledge of Christian theology. The format of the class will be an audio and PowerPoint presentation with accompanying study notes and suggestions for further reading. In this class we will outline the following subject areas:

  • Christian revelation – the doctrine of the word of God
  • The Godhead – existence, attributes and nature of God; the person of Jesus Christ, the person of the Holy Spirit, and the doctrine of the Trinity
  • The doctrine of Humanity
  • The doctrine of the Atonement
  • The doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • Christian Ethics
  • Ecclesiology – the doctrine of the church
  • Eschatology – the doctrine of the last things

Summary of learning outcomes

  • You will gain information to learn about and reflect on Christian beliefs
  • You will be able to relate learning to everyday life experiences
  • You will share in a collaborative and democratic learning environment
  • You will create the possibilities for further and deeper learning in Christian theology.

View the Christian Theology Video


This video is An Introduction to Christian Theology by Colin Meneely. Please read the sample notes on Introducing The Holy Spirit.

Introducing the Holy Spirit