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Using the Media Library

The Media Library

The Media Library is home to the media items you will be using in your CMS based website(s).  The most common types of media items are images (jpg, png) and documents (MS Office, PDFs).  As a CMS user, you will have the appropriate access to specific Media Library folders to allow you to manage your website assets.

When uploading any images to the Media Library:

  • You must ensure that you have sourced the image correctly to ensure you have copyright permission to use it and that you have optimised the image for use on the web.  
  • You need to ensure you have used the correct naming convention for your image or document file.
  • You need to decide whether the image needs to have a description for accessibility purposes.
  • Any image can be edited after it has been uploaded and even if it is already in use on a website. For example, if you have optimised the image since uploading it to the Media Library, you can update the existing image in the Media Library.

The following resource explains how to optimise an image for use on the web.

Follow the Correct Naming Convention for Images and Documents

When you are saving image files or document files, they must follow the naming convention as follows: 

  • Use only lowercase letters (a to z), numerals (0-9) and hyphens (-).
  • Do not use spaces. Instead, use hyphens to separate words.
  • Do not use special characters (e.g., £, %, &, á) or underscores.


  • lanyon-building-at-night.jpg
  • queens-business-school-student-hub.jpg
  • annual-report-and-accounts-2023-24.pdf
  • application-form.docx


  • Lanyon Building.jpg
  • Queen's_Business_School & student Hub.jpg
  • Annual Report & Accounts 2023-24.pdf
  • Application Form.docx 

The Web Support Team reserves the right to change (or request changes to) filenames if they do not meet digital best practice. 

The following videos demonstrate how to:

Using the Media Library

Learn how to access the Media Library and upload an image.

Uploading an Image Video Transcript

Inserting Images from the Media Library

Learn how to insert images from the Media Library into Content

Inserting Images Video Transcript