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Creating a File Download


There are two key steps to carry out when creating a file download:

  1. Uploading the file itself into the CMS
  2. Linking to that file from a page within your website, so that it opens for the user to view

You will need the file on your computer, ready to upload and saved as a PDF.  

You can save any MS document such as Word or Powerpoint as a PDF.  Make sure your file meets the required Accessibility guidelines.

The dropdown menu in Word highlighting the Save as PDF option

Uploading a file is exactly the same as creating a new piece of content on a web page.

Once the file is uploaded, you then create a Content Link to this piece of content, from the required location within your site.

How to Upload a File to the Filestore

1. From the Content menu, click Create Content

Creating a File Download Step One

2. Click on the section Filestore in your Site Structure

Creating a File Download Step Two

3. Click on the DTP-File Upload content type from the available list (you can use the Filter field to help you locate the content type)

Creating a File Download Step Three

4. In the Name field, type a descriptive name for the piece of content:

Creating a File Download Step Five

5. In the File to Upload field, click to browse your computer for the required file:

Creating a File Download Step Six

6. Click Save Changes

7. Approve the piece of content

Creating a File Download