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Creating a File Download

Creating a File Download

A screenshot of a typical list of file download links on a live web page:

Typical list of file downloads on a webpage


There are two key steps to carry out when creating a file download:

  1. Uploading the file itself into the CMS
  2. Linking to that file from a page within your website, so that it opens for the user to view

You will need the file on your computer, ready to upload and saved as a PDF.  

You can save any MS document such as Word or Powerpoint as a PDF.  This helps ensure your web page is adhering to the latest Accessibility regulations

Uploading a file is exactly the same as creating a new piece of content on a web page.

Once the file is uploaded, you then create a Content Link to this piece of content, from the required location within your site.

The dropdown menu in Word highlighting the Save as PDF option

1. From the Content menu, click Create Content

Creating a File Download Step One

2. Click on the section Filestore in your Site Structure

Creating a File Download Step Two

3. Click on the DTP-File Upload content type from the available list (you can use the Filter field to help you locate the content type)

Creating a File Download Step Three

4. In the Name field, type a descriptive name for the piece of content

Creating a File Download Step Five

5. In the File to Upload field, click to browse your computer for the required file

Creating a File Download Step Six

6. Click Save Changes

7. Approve the piece of content

View the Creating a File Download Video