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Creating Section Links

What is a Section Link?

The Content Management System calls a web page, a Section.  So, a section link is an internal link between one page within your site to another page within your site.  It can also be a link between one page within your site to another page in a different site but within the same Channel.  For example from a page in the People and Culture site to a page within the One Elmwood Student Centre site (both live within the Directorates Channel).

Why use a Section Link?

A section link is an intelligent link. The key advantage to using section links is that if the page you are linking to changes in some way, eg. if it is deleted; moved to a different location; renamed, the link will track the change and update itself accordingly.

Where possible, use section links for linking between your web pages, rather than using web links (which depend on fixed published web addresses). Using section links is a good way of future proofing the amount of site maintenance you need to carry out. Web links, on the other hand, have to be manually checked and updated if their details change in any way.

Creating a Section Link Menu Option:

Creating a Section Link Menu in the Text Editor

Creating Section Links

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