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File Upload

This is what the File Upload content type looks like:

A Fileupload example using the file titled Accessibility Report 2021

The File Upload content type is used to store a file that the user can view/download from a web page.  

There are two steps involved when creating a file download for the user:

  • Step 1 - Uploading the file itself into the CMS using the File Upload content type.
  • Step 2 - Linking to the file in the Filestore from a page within your website, so that it opens for the user to view.

The File Upload content type is used to complete Step 1 of the process. 

Where possible, you should be uploading PDF documents to your Filestore.  

The key aspect to remember when using this content type is to make sure you are adding documents that meet the latest Accessibility Guidelines.

General Guidance

Please use the following information to help ensure that you are using this content type correctly:

Accessibility Guidance

Please use the following guidance to help make sure your content adheres to accessibility regulations:

  • Do ensure that any document you add to your Filestore is accessible. Further information is available in the Document Accessibility section of our Accessible Content Guidance.
  • Do ensure that any link to a file within the Filestore is descriptive and that the link formatting you use is consistent. Do not use generic link text such as 'Click Here' and 'Read More'.  Further information is available in the Using Links Effectively section of our Accessible Content Guidance.

Form Field Guidance

Please use the following information to help you use this Content Type effectively:

File Upload Form Field Guidance
Field TitleInformationIs it required?
Name This is the name of the content block, only visible to editors of the section.   Yes
File to upload

Click to locate the file on your own computer that you wish to upload.
Maximum file size allowed: 20MB