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News Carousel

Screenshot of Latest News Carousel Content Type

News Carousel

This is our latest News Carousel content type:

  • The news carousel displays the first 3 news story headlines, taken from the News page within your site and rotates through any additional headlines
  • The minimum number of news items is 3 for the carousel to display correctly
  • Image banners on news stories must be sized to 1600 x 767. Otherwise the thumbnail images generated for the news carousel will be distorted.
  • You can add a title for the carousel, which will be displayed above the news headlines
  • If you re-order the news stories on the News page, the carousel will automatically update its headlines in the next site publish


  • The section link must point to the page within your site called News
  • The carousel only displays content from your News page, which uses the DTP - News Story content type
  • DTP - News Story content type must have the 'Date' field completed to be picked up by the carousel
  • This is how your content type will look when it's filled in:

News Carousel Edit Mode 2018