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News Story


This is what the DTP - News Story content type looks like:

HEALTH | 23 March, 2022

Belfast boxer Carl Frampton is supporting a men’s mental health campaign at Queen’s University Belfast, which has been launched during a week of wellbeing activities and discussion.


The 'DTP - News Story' content type should be for local and university wide news articles and stories - including photos/videos, links to related academics and rich metadata for sharing.

General Guidance

Please use the following information to help ensure that you are using this content type correctly:

  • Some of the fields have character limits as defined in the form field guidance below.  Please ensure you are aware of these before planning out content using this content type.


  • Try and use images that enhance the News Story - if no suitable image is found leave the image field empty rather than using generic imagery.
  • You should have full permission for any image you intend to use on your website.
  • Images should be correctly sized and optimised for the web.  For users that do not have access to Adobe Photoshop or a similar image editing resource, we would recommend the use of PIXLR, a free online image editing platform. This platform can be used to resize and optimise images.
  • You must use the correct naming convention for image filenames, as follows: 
    • Use only lowercase letters (a to z), numerals (0-9) and hyphens (-);
    • Do not use spaces. Instead, use hyphens to separate words.
    • Do not use special characters (e.g., £, %, &, á) or underscores.
  • The following resource explains how to optimise an image for use on the web.
  • You are not required to add an Image Alt Text / Description if the image will be decorative only.  Further information is available in the Text Alternatives for Images section of our Accessible Content Guidance.


    • To link to a specific section on your website use a Section Link.  The CMS automatically remembers section links, even if you need to move the linked section when restructuring or reorganising content on your website.  
    • To link to a specific piece of content on your website, use a Content Link. As with section links, the CMS will automatically remember the content link, even if the content is moved to another location on your website.
    • When linking to an external website or resource, then use a Web Address.  The full URL of the website or resource is required i.e.  Please note that the majority of websites published via the CMS are now accessed over HTTPS only.

Accessibility Guidance

Please use the following guidance to help make sure your content adheres to accessibility regulations:

  • Do not add HTML elements such as span, div, h1 or otherwise to any of the form elements to change the structure of the content type.  Either you will be asked to remove it, or it will be removed by the Web Support Team.  
  • Do not add any CSS styling or selectors to any of the form elements to change the display of the content added to the content type.  Either you will be asked to remove it, or it will be removed by the Web Support Team.

Form Field Guidance

Please use the following information to help you use this Content Type effectively:

DTP - News Story
NameThe name of the piece of content80 Charactersplain texttrue
ImageResize and crop the image to suit before upload. Image size is 1600 x 747px. Always use keyword optimised image alt text with keyword term.2048 KilobytesMediafalse
Image Caption800 Charactersplain textfalse
Video Embed CodeVideo appears on full news article in place of large image500 Charactersplain textfalse
Short SubheadingDefaults to "Latest News"45 Charactersplain textfalse
HeadingMain news title. Limited to 100 characters100 Charactersplain texttrue
IntroductionSummary feature copy, which will appear in summary listings250 Charactersplain textfalse
TextMain news story text. Images, tweets and videos can also be embedded. 35000 CharactersHTMLtrue
DateDate of news story100 CharactersDatefalse
Contact informationContact information for queries1200 CharactersHTMLfalse
Subject/Key Person - Name80 Charactersplain textfalse
Subject/Key Person - Title/Department100 Charactersplain textfalse
Subject/Key Person - Image2048 KilobytesMediafalse
Subject/Key Person - Linke.g. Pure profile200 Charactersplain textfalse
Metadata / TagsComma separated keywords200 Charactersplain textfalse
Market / Region2048 CharactersMultiple Selectfalse
Country2048 CharactersMultiple Selectfalse
Audience2048 CharactersMultiple Selectfalse
Department2048 CharactersMultiple Selectfalse
CategoryPlease select a maximum of 3; hold CTRL to multi select2048 CharactersMultiple Selectfalse
Thought Leader2048 CharactersMultiple Selectfalse
Research Theme80 CharactersMulti-select Listfalse
SEO Friendly URLHyphen separated SEO friendly version of the url200 Charactersplain textfalse