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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about managing all interactions with our customers.  Within the Higher Education sector, there are many different types of customers e.g.

  • Prospective Students
  • Current Students
  • Staff
  • Alumni
  • Organisations (schools, colleges, universities, agencies, employers etc.) 
  • About this Service

    It is important that Queen's is customer focussed, improves customer service and understands the needs of customers, offering targeted and tailored services.  CRM will help to achieve this by keeping all customer data in the one place.  This will be extremely beneficial for colleagues across the University, enhancing support services and increasing efficiency when dealing with customer enquiries. Potentially it could offer huge rewards e.g. in student recruitment, student retention and for alumni when making contributions to Queen's.    

    Information Services is implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  This is a web based CRM system, which integrates with Microsoft Outlook and the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Current Microsoft Dynamics CRM Projects within the University include:

  • Accessing CRM

    All Microsoft Dynamics CRM users must have a license. 

    This license includes the CRM plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.

    For the latest cost of a per user license, contact the CRM Support Team

  • Support

    Check out the CRM Support SharePoint site, to find out more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  The site provides lots of useful links to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Centre, quick start guides, frequently asked questions etc.

    A specific Prospective Student Engagement Project (PSEP) SharePoint site has also been developed to support colleagues involved in the project.

    If you have any CRM queries, contact the CRM Support Team.