Video Production

Video Production

Information Services provides the following video services:

  • Production of educational video resources
  • Production of marketing video resources 
  • Production of information videos
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Video resources are shot using high definition cameras. Our productions are kept entirely in full High Definition, meaning that your video stays in the highest quality possible.

The completed video can be compressed for publication to a range of platforms including DVD, web ready files, high quality files, YouTube (if requested).

Video production projects incur a charge of £90 per day.

Training is available to help staff wishing to take on their own video production projects.

Accessing the Service

Requests for projects and video training should be directed to Norman McCully AVS Manager or Tel: +44 289097 6154+44 289097 6154.

Note: Video production projects require careful planning and co-ordination, so we advise making contact with Video Services well in advance of your project deadline.

Advice and Guidance

Video Services staff provide advice and guidance from pre production planning through to the final edit, and work hand in hand with clients to ensure that the process is made as easy as possible. All Video Services staff have a professional broadcast background and will deliver the client’s production to the high standards of broadcast television.

On occasion it may be necessary to use external video production companies. Our staff can provide advice on the detail required for tender documents and recommend reputable companies.

Video Production Training

Video training for staff is provided in-house with easy to use cameras and Apple Laptop computers and industry standard video editing software. We recommend a minimum of 3 days for basic shooting and editing training. This can be broken down over a number of weeks if necessary. Courses are restricted to 12 people to ensure effective support and feedback.

Video Services can also help academic staff introduce video production elements into academic programmes. We are happy to work with staff to develop and deliver bespoke video courses for students. Suitably trained staff and students may also borrow cameras and Apple Lap Tops with editing software from the Unit. Please note that support for curriculum projects will incur a charge.

For further information about our training options please contact Norman McCully AVS Manager or Tel: +44 289097 6154

Lecture Recording

Lecture Recording: Online lectures can be recorded in the Videos Services studio at the McClay Library or at events such as keynote speakers.

Online lectures require some pre-production planning and are subject to copyright restrictions so it is important to contact the Video Production unit in advance of the lecture (contact or Tel: +44 289097 6154).

Last updated April 2016