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  • Smart Card Management

    Take care of your Smart Card - a replacement will cost £10!

    Example of, this in case, a student card. Bigger Image 

    Keep it clean and in a safe place (e.g. wallet)

    DO NOT bend, scratch, damage, wash or punch holes in it!

    Avoid magnets!

    Important: Deactivate and report a lost or stolen card to the Student Guidance Centre (028 9097 2727) as soon as possible. 

    Manage your Smart Card through the QOL Smart Card Appapplication in Queens Online by choosing one of the these options: 

    Add FundsTransactionsHotlist Card
    Add Funds Transactions Hotlist Card
    To upload money to Personal Cash or Print and Copy purses To view your transaction history, maximum card balance and last known balance To de-activate a lost, stolen or damaged card or re-activate if subsequently found
  • Bursary

    How do I get a Student Experience Bursary?

    Your Bursary will automatically be added to your Smart Card (following enrolment) if:

    1. You are entitled to a Student Bursay and
    2. You have ticked the box on your Student Loan form to permit the Student Loan Company to share your financial information with the university.  If you omit to do this the university will not be informed.

    Please consult University Bursaries for eligibilty criteria.

    How do I use my Bursary?

    Present your card at any of the locations listed at Electronic Payment of Services on the Smart Cards page

    1. It can be used for purchases at the places detailed at Electronic Payment of Services
    2. Money can be transferred from your bursary to your Print and Copy purse using the QOL Smart Card Appapplication in Queen's Online

    What happens if I don't spend all my Bursary?

    1. Returning Students: unspent money will remain on your Smart Card for use in the next academic year
    2. Non-returning Students: unspent money will be transferred to the Student Hardship Fund and students will NOT have access to their bursary following graduation
  • Catering

    When purchasing in Catering outlets, potentially two purses can be used:

    Catering Purse - a dedicated purse for catering outlets only.  Funds can be added through the QOL Smart Card Appapplication  in Queen's online

    Personal Cash Purse - this is for general use.  Funds can be added through theQOL Smart Card App‌application in Queen's online or using the cash upload machines

    How does it work?

    1. The system will first deduct the money from the catering purse if there are sufficient funds to cover your purchase
    2. If not, but there is enough in catering and personal cash together, it will take all from catering and the remainder from the personal purse
    3. Otherwise it will take all from the personal purse
  • Building/Door Access

    Out of hours or high security area access to......

    • The McClay Library
    • The PEC
    • Other buildings as authorised by your School/Department

    Door Access- swipe your card at the reader close to the door

    Please Note: If you have been issued with a replacement card, only your most recent card will provide access to the McClay Library.

  • Laptop Lending

    Need to borrow a laptop?

    Library Laptop

    Staff and Students may borrow laptops for use within the McClay and Medical libraries.
    For full details see Library Laptops