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Accessing the Service

To login to your School/Directorate SharePoint site:

  • Username = ads\your staff number
  • Password = your normal Queen's Online password

If you would like a SharePoint site created, email the SharePoint Team for advice.  Nominated SharePoint Site Owners (Administrators) can also create sub-sites below the top level School/Directorate SharePoint sites.

If you would like external colleagues to access your School/Directorate SharePoint site, email the SharePoint Team to discuss.

Did you know...?

Did you know...if you are a SharePoint Site Member (Contributor) of a top level School/Directorate SharePoint site, the link to the site will be available on your Queen's Online homepage (below Schools/Directorates)?  Also, all SharePoint sites which you are a member of, will be listed on your My Site, under My Profile, Memberships?